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C2000 Microcontroller Family

Learn how quick and easy it is to get up and running using TI's C2000 USB controlSTICK. The C2000 Microncontroller One-day workshop is a hands-on technical course facilitated by a qualified Texas Instruments instructor. This workshop is based on the Piccolo F28069 device which combines many common features and peripherals of the Piccolo and Delfino families. Therefore, this workshop would be very useful to anyone interested in the C2000 MCU family of devices. The workshop steps you through system initialization, peripheral setup and programming an application into flash memory using the CCS on-chip Flash programmer.

Every lab exercise builds on the previous lab exercises, running a common application theme throughout the workshop. The lab exercises are performed using the F28069 controlSTICK USB Evaluation Tool.

The innovative F28069 MCU controlSTICK allows quick and easy evaluation of all the advanced capabilities of TI's microcontroller family. Slightly larger than a memory stick, the F28069 controlSTICK features onboard JTAG emulation and access to all control peripherals.

All workshop participants will receive a free controlSTICK at the start of class to run workshop labs and take home upon class completion to help reinforce the workshop concepts.


This workshop is tailored for hardware and/or software design engineers who plan on designing with TI C2000 Microcontrollers. Basic experience with general MCUs and knowledge of C language programming is assumed.

C2000 Microcontroller One day Workshop Outline

1. Workshop Introduction

2. Architecture Overview

3. Programming Development Environment

  • Lab: Linker command file

4. Peripheral Register Header Files

5. Reset, Interrupts and System Initialization

  • Lab: Watchdog and interrupts

6. Control Peripherals

  • Lab: Generate and graph a PWM waveform

7. Flash Programming

  • Lab: Run the code from flash memory

8. The Next Step ...

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United States Schedule and Pricing: $49.00

Apr 04 - Santa Clara, CA

3rd day of C2000 MCU Real-Time Industrial Control Seminar

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United States Laptop Requirement

This class requires that you bring your own laptop to run labs during the class.

Running The Labs

  • A laptop running Windows XP or greater
  • 5Gb HDD space available
  • 1G RAM
  • USB port
  • CD drive on laptop to load software
  • Adobe Reader

Pre-work requirements: Click on the following link to download notes and labs prior to the start of the one day workshop. Please have all software and files loaded onto your laptop prior to class start

  • F28069 workshop files: The lab files, solution files, student guide, and pdf documentation files should be installed in the c:/c28x folder.

Europe Schedule and Pricing: €59.00 Euro price excl. VAT

For any further demand of this workshop in Europe, please submit your request HERE,

For any questions please contact asktexas@ti.com

Thank you - EMEA training organization.

Cancellation policy

  • Classes are subject to cancellation if minimum number of attendees is not met one week prior to the date of the workshop. Minimum = 5 Maximum = 12
  • In the event of short notice cancellation, Texas Instruments' liability is limited solely to the refund of course fees