Control Theory Seminar
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Control Theory Seminar


This two day technical seminar offers an introduction to control theory which will be valuable to electronic, electrical and mechanical engineers.  The aim is to provide practising engineers with an insight into elementary control problems and their solution.  An understanding of basic engineering mathematics is recommended to benefit fully from this course.




·               Fundamental Concepts

Linear systems, transient response, frequency analysis, classification of systems


·               Feedback Systems

Effects of feedback, Nyquist analysis, stability margins, phase compensation


·               Transient Response

Transient specifications, steady state error, PID control, root locus analysis


·               Discrete Time Systems

Sampled systems, the z-transform, discrete transformations, aliasing


·               State Space Models

Co-ordinate transformations, state space, eigenvalues & eigenvectors


·               Properties of Linear Systems

Stability, phase portraits, controllability & observability, modal decomposition


·               State Feedback Control

State feedback, pole placement, eigenstructure assignment, integral control


·               Linear State Estimators

Linear state estimation, reduced order observers, separation principle


The material is supported by many examples and tutorials, and includes a short question & answer session at the end of each section.  Matlab is used throughout the seminar to introduce new concepts and to illustrate each major topic.  A printed copy of the seminar manual containing the presentation material is issued to each attendee at the start of the course.



Further information, including seminar dates, locations, documentation & downloads, is available at: