In-depth Design and Programming with C2000 Microcontrollers
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TMS320C2000 Microcontroller Workshop

Ready to dive into the world of C2000 MCUs! If so, then this multi-day, hands-on technical workshop is for you. Save weeks of development time and walk away ready to start your design immediately. Covering the Piccolo F2806x devices, TI experts will walk you through the system initialization, peripheral setup and programming an application into flash memory using the CCS on-chip Flash programmer. Additionally, you will learn about IQmath, FPU, DMA, CLA, VCU and DSP/BIOS.

The workshop is based on the F28069 device since it combines many common features and peripherals of the PiccoloTM and DelfinoTM families. Therefore, this workshop would be very useful to anyone interested in the C2000 MCU family of devices.

Every lab exercise builds on the previous lab exercise, running a common application theme throughout the workshop. The lab exercises are performed using the F28069 Piccolo Experimenter's Kit. This kit consists of a docking station, a USB cable, the F28069 controlCARD, and CCSv5.

The docking station features on-board USB JTAG emulation, access to all of the controlCARD signals/peripherals, and breadboard areas. The controlCARD is a complete board level module that utilizes an industry-standard DIMM form factor to provide a single-board controller solution. The docking station is fully powered from the USB connection and no external power supply is needed.

Documents: Download latest workshop materials here

All workshop attendees will receive a free F28069 Piccolo Experimenter's Kit at the start of class for the lab experiments and to take home upon completion of class to help reinforce the workshop concepts.

Course Prerequisites

This course has no specific prerequisites however some familiarity with the following is especially helpful:

  • Embedded processor design
  • Digital Signal processor design
  • C and Assembly language programming
  • Graphical development environments such as Code Composer Studio

While digital signal processing, motor control theory, and power supply design is not specifically covered in the workshop, understanding these concepts may help you better understand their implementation with the processor.

United States: $1595.00 includes take-home F28069 Piccolo Experimenter's Kit

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  • Mar 12-14, 2013 Dallas, TX
  • May 07-09, 2013 Schaumburg, IL

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Europe: €1800 excluding VAT includes take-home F28069 Piccolo Experimenter's Kit

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  • 05-08 Mar 2013 - Garching, Germany
  • 02-05 Jul 2013 - Garching, Germany

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TMS320C2000 Microcontroller Workshop Outline

1. Architecture Overview

2. Programming Development Environment

  • Lab: Linker command file

3. Peripheral Register Header Files

4. Reset and Interrupts

5. System Initialization

  • Lab: Watchdog and Interrupts

6. Analog-to-Digital Converter

  • Lab: Build a data acquisition system

7. Control Peripherals

  • Lab: Generate and Graph a PWM waveform

8. Numerical Concepts and IQ Math

  • Lab: Low-pass filter the PWM waveform

9. Direct Memory Access (DMA)

  • Lab: Use DMA to buffer ADC results

10. Control Law Accelerator (CLA)

  • Lab: Use the CLA to filter PWM waveform

11. Viterbi, Complex Math, CRC Unit (VCU)

12. System Design

  • Lab: Run the code from flash memory

13. Communications


  • Lab: Run DSP/BIOS code from flash memory

15. Support Resources

Testimonials from past workshop participants 

    (Names and company information withheld for confidentiality)

  • "This workshop was excellent and helped me gain valuable learning time. I can start to develop weeks earlier than without this course. Also, it helps me to identify project risks." 
  • "It saved me at least 3 months of reading documents and convinced me to use IQ Library in the future."
  • "It is an excellent starter course. I wish I had taken it before we started our development."
  • "Excellent class - this should save our company weeks, if not months, of development time. We have a better understanding of C28x capability and features. It will also reduce programming time."
  • "This workshop is related directly to current work activities and has presented the concepts and tools as a great foundation to build on."
  • "This is the only class I've ever taken that I can actually use the information in my job. I'm ready to go into work on Monday morning and know what I need to do to complete my project. Thanks TI!"

Workshop Details: 

  • US workshops are 3 days in length  
  • 8:30AM - 5:00PM   
  • Lunch provided


  • European workshops are 4 days in length 
  • Class runs 8:30 - 1700  
  • Lunch provided 

 Cancellation Policy

  • European classes are subject to cancellation if minimum number of attendees is not met one  week prior to the date of the workshop.  
  • United States classes are subject to cancellation if minimum number of attendees is not met two weeks prior to the date of the workshop.
  • In the event of short notice cancellation Texas Instruments' liability is limited soley to the refund of the workshop fees 

Minimum = 5   Maximum = 12