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Digital Power Supply Design Workshop EU (Sponsored by Biricha)

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Learn how to design analog and digital power supplies from ground up quickly and easily with this in-depth laboratory based design workshop.

During the workshop you will learn how to design stable analog and digital control loops in both voltage mode and current mode. You will then design, code, implement and test several digital power supplies in our well-equipped laboratory.

The workshop is three days long and is aimed at analog PSU designers and embedded systems engineers who need to design high performance stable digital power supplies.

All laboratories are based in TI's C2000 family of MCUs; however, the design practices taught in the class can be applied to any MCU. The workshop participants will also receive the necessary templates, libraries and skill to implement multiple converters with minimal coding.

All attendees will receive $2000 worth of commercial software:

  • Commercial license for Biricha's Digital Power Libraries worth over $1500
  • Unlimited single seat license for CCS5.x MCU worth $450

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Workshop Outline+

Typically the morning session is dedicated to the study of theory and principles, whilst the afternoon session focuses on laboratory exercises to consolidate the theory.

In addition, all attendees will receive a commercial license for Biricha Digital's Digital Power Library. This library is a collection of software functions written specifically for the C2000 family of processors in order to reduce the programming burden of the digital power supply designer. These functions allow quick programming of the device peripherals (such as PWM and ADC setup) and are written in such a way so as to make programming easy and intuitive.

An overview of the course syllabus is given below:

Day 1: Introduction to Digital Power Programming

  • Introduction to digital power
  • Closed loop control of switch mode power supplies in analog and digital domains
  • The C2000 family's development tools & features (GPIOs, PWM, ADC, etc.)
  • Code Composer Studio and JTAG emulation
  • TI and Biricha template libraries
  • Fixed point number representation and IQMath
  • Using the Biricha Digital's Digital Power Library to set up interrupts, PWMs, and ADCs without extensive programming
  • Easy use of the CLA and its compiler for digital power applications with Biricha's CSL functions (optional)
  • Hands-on Laboratory exercises

Day 2: Digital Power Supply Design

  • Detailed study of analog power supply design fundamentals
  • Detailed study of analog compensator design (Type II & Type III) for voltage and current mode control
  • Detailed discussion of digital power supply design
  • Implementing a simple digital controller for your digital power supply
  • Digital voltage mode controller design
  • Off-line power supply design considerations: Limit cycling, Hi-Res PWM, ADC quantization and ratio metric referencing
  • Hands-on Laboratory exercises

Day 3: Peak Current Mode Control and Running Multiple Control Loops

  • Running multiple power supplies using the main core and the CLA
  • Detailed review analog peak current mode design
  • Removing sub-harmonic oscillation and slope compensation
  • Digital peak current mode controller design
  • Analog and digital slope compensation
  • Phase margin erosion in digital domain due to delays
  • Hands-on Laboratory exercises

The participants will typically work in pairs at a workstation. Each workstation will be equipped with a PC with relevant development software, C2000 processor card and emulation tools, oscilloscope and several digital power supplies.

The material is supported by many practical examples and tutorials and includes a brief question and answer session at the end of each section.

Important Note: If you have attended one of Biricha Digital's laboratory based workshops that covers the material and the labs of Day 1, hold a commercial license for the Biricha CSL and are experienced in its use then you may skip Day 1 of this course and only attend Days 2 and 3. You will be given this option within the registration page.

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  • EU pricing: €1795 for three days

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Testimonials from past workshop participants

"I highly recommend this workshop for engineers interested in an introductory class on digital power. I now have the ground work to read white papers on Digital Power to further my education."

"This was one of the best workshops of any kind that I have attended. The class content was very informational and the labs were engaging."

"This course provides a good over-view of the theory and then allows student to submerge into the practical designing aspect of a digital power supply. Very enlightening and powerful course."

"This is an excellent, solid, theory based seminar. It takes the mystery out of digital control."

"There are few instructors or workshops that clearly and efficiently present a continuous stream of valuable information. This is one of the best workshops I have attended in years and I left each day looking forward to the next. Outstanding material and presenter."

"The workshop has cleared the confusion surrounding what is possible with digital power and how to implement it. I will use this material to develop digital power solutions for automotive applications."

"The material is supported by many practical examples and tutorials, and includes a brief question and answer session at the end of each section."


These workshops are designed for analog PSU designers as well as embedded systems programmers who:

  • Need learn how to design stable digital controllers for their power applications
  • Have little or no experience of discrete time control theory and wish to reduce their learning curve
  • Need to get up to speed with programming the C2000 family of MCUs quickly and would prefer to minimize and simplify the amount of code that they need to write
  • Need to get their digital PSUs out of the door quickly and would prefer to use pre-coded, easy to understand library functions instead of coding their own


There are no prerequisites for those attending all three days of the workshop. However, those who are attending only Days 2 and 3 must have attended a previous Biricha Digital laboratory based workshop hold a commercial license for the CSL and be experienced in its use.

Course Details

The class runs from 9:00am - 5:30pm on Days 1 and 2 (registration from 8:30am)

The class runs from 9:00am - 4:00pm on Day 3 (finishing earlier for those travelling on Thursday evening)

Cancellation Policy

Classes are subject to cancellation if the minimum number of attendees is not met ten days prior to the date of the workshop. Minimum = 5 Maximum = 20

In the event of short notice cancellation, TI and Biricha's liability is limited solely to the refund of the course fees.

No refund will be given if registration is cancelled within one week of the workshop date.

This course is sponsored by the C2000 MCU group at Texas Instruments.

+ Workshop content and syllabus is subject to change.