2001 Magnetics Design Handbook - MAG100A
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Course Documents/ Reference Material
Ref. Design Sect. R5-1: Coupled Filter Inductors Yield Improved Performance
Introduction and Basic Magnetics (Magnetics Design for Sw. Power Supplies)
Magnetic Core Characteristics
Power Transformer Design
Inductor and Flyback Transformer Design
Ref. Design Sect. R1-1: Magnetic Core Properties
Ref. Design Sect. R2-1: Eddy Current Losses in X-former Windings
Ref. Design Sect. R3-1: Deriving the Equivalent Electrical Circuit
Ref. Design Sect. R4-1: The Effect of Leakage Inductance on Performance
Ref. Design Sect. R6-1: How to Design a Transformer with Fractional Turns
Ref. Design Sect. R7-1: Winding Data
All 2001 Magnetics Design Handbook Sections in a single compressed zip file


These topics pertain to relevant information regarding basic magentics, magnetic core characteristics, and power transformer design, to name a few.