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New Products

Three-Phase BLDC & PMSM Motor Kit with DRV8301/2 and Piccolo™ MCU
The DRV8301-HC-C2-KIT and DRV8302-HC-C2-KIT motor control evaluation kits for spinning three phase brushless DC and brushless AC (BLAC) – often referred to as permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) – with examples of both sensorless Field Oriented / Vector Control (FOC) and TI's InstaSPIN™-BLDC sensorless BLDC solution. The kits are high-performance, power-efficient, cost-effective platforms that speed development for quicker time to market. Applications include CPAP and pumps, E-bikes, E-scooters, medical pumps and drills, power tools, and robotics.

Automotive MSP430™ Microcontrollers
Automotive MSP430™ microcontrollers (MCUs) are 16-bit, RISC-based, mixed-signal processors that are AEC-Q100 qualified and suitable for automotive applications in environments up to 105°C ambient temperature. MSP430™ MCUs combine the right mix of intelligent peripherals, ease of use, low cost, and ultra-low power consumption to provide a flexible solution for many automotive applications.
New Videos

Hercules™ Safety MCU Development Tools
The Hercules™ platform of Safety Microcontrollers consists of three ARM® Cortex™-based microcontroller families that deliver scalable performance, connectivity, memory and safety features for applications that require a high level of reliability. This video gives an overview of the Hercules™ RM4, TMS570 and TMS470M MCU families and the development tools that are available.
Hercules™ Safety MCU RM48 USB Stick Kit Overview
There are several low cost development kits available for the Hercules™ platform of Safety Microcontrollers. This video features an in-depth look at the RM48x Hercules™ USB Stick Development Kit and the demonstration software that is included with the kit.
Introduction to InstaSPIN™-BLDC Motor Control Solution
Learn more about TI's newest motor control technology for low-cost BLDC applications. InstaSPIN™-BLDC is a sensorless control technique based on the premise that "simple is better".
New Selection & Application Resources

Hercules™ MCU Compatibility Considerations
This application report provides a summary of the main changes required for porting an application written on the Hercules™ TMS570LS20x/10x series of microcontrollers over to the Hercules™ TMS570LS31x/21x series of microcontrollers. A brief description of the process technology differences is also included.
Collection of ARM Ltd App Notes for Hercules™ MCUs
This application report includes the abstracts and hyperlinks to relevant app notes posted by ARM Ltd regarding the Hercules™ MCUs.
Hercules™ MCU Functional Safety Manual
This document is a safety manual for the Hercules™ safety critical microcontroller product family. The product family utilizes a common safety architecture which is implemented in multiple application focused products.
TMS570LS31 Hercules™ ARM® Safety MCU Development Kit User's Guide
This document describes the board level operations of the TMS570LS31 Hercules™ Development Kit (HDK). The HDK is based on the Texas Instruments TMS570LS3137 337 BGA microcontroller.
TMS470/TMS570 Performance Measurement App Note
This application report describes methods for measuring code execution time of TMS470 and TMS570 microcontrollers. Besides the typical pin toggle approach, where the duration between two pin toggles is measured, e.g., with an oscilloscope, Hercules™ MCUs support cycle count methods to measure the code execution time in terms of clock cycles.
Initialization of Hercules™ ARM® Cortex™-R4F Microcontrollers Application Note (updated)
This application report provides an example initialization procedure supporting the safety features of the TMS570LS31x series and the RM4x series of microcontrollers in the Hercules™ family.
SAFERTOS® available for all three Hercules™ product families
SAFERTOS® provides a real-time, deterministic, pre-certified embedded operating system for your safety-critical and mission-critical applications. Using the pre-certified operating system, in conjunction with the TI Hercules™ Safety MCU with integrated safety features, reduces development cost by eliminating the need for customers to internally certify the operating system or write extensive MCU safety software.
New InstaSPIN™-BLDC Motor Control Solution
Targeted at low cost BLDC applications, TI's new InstaSPIN-BLDC is a sensorless control technique based on the premise that "simple is better." In field tests with over 50 different motor types, InstaSPIN-BLDC was able to get each motor up and running in less than 20 seconds! Learn more, see demo videos and training modules about InstaSpin-BLDC at www.ti.com/instaspin-bldc.
Automotive MSP430™ Product Brochure
Learn about the MSP430™ MCUs that are AEC-Q100 qualified and suitable for automotive applications in environments up to 105°C ambient temperature.
New automotive solution for wired communication between charging stations and plug-in electric vehicles features TI power line communication technology
Easy-to-use evaluation kit to enable pilot wire communication for an advanced smart grid solution.

Cygnus Electronics has leveraged TI technology to develop a new automotive solution that offers the most evolved evaluation module for testing and enabling power line communications (PLC) for plug-in electric vehicles. Auto-rem is a narrowband communications solution that connects electric vehicles to electric vehicle supply equipments (EVSEs) over the J1772 pilot wire. It offers plug-and-play DC messaging and provides a direct interface to automotive CAN connections.

Learn more about auto-rem and other TI Smart Grid Solutions >> www.ti.com/auto-rem.
High Reliability
TI's High Reliability Analog and Embedded Processing Portfolio
In addition to commercial and industrial temperature offerings, TI's HiRel group is helping shape technology to improve the quality and accessibility of transportation applications, offering an enhanced product portfolio where high reliability and long service life are required. All of TI HiRel's analog and embedded processing products are available in industry-standard packages, which have the benefits of a controlled baseline, enhanced product change notification, extended temperature performance and qualification pedigree. TI guarantees all products will manufacture to datasheet specifications. For more information, please visit www.ti.com/ep.
Part Description Packaging/Pins Sample
or Buy
TLE2141-Q1 Low-Noise High-Speed Precision Op Amp SOIC (D)/8 Free sample
TMP101-Q1 Digital Temperature Sensor with I²C Serial Interface and Programmable Thermostat/Alarm Function SOT-23 (DBV)/6 Free sample
TPS2066-Q1 Dual 1 A Current-Limited, Power-Distribution Switch MSOP-PowerPAD (DGN)/8 Free sample
TPS54362-Q1 3 A, 60V Step Down DC/DC Converter with Low Iq, Voltage Supervision and Reset HTSSOP (PWP)/20 Free sample
TPS61170-Q1 1.2 A Switch, High Voltage Boost Converter in 2x2 mm QFN Package SON (DRV)/6 Free sample
TPS7A6301-Q1 300-mA 40-V LDO with Ultra-Low IQ and Watchdog HTSSOP (PWP)/14 Free sample
DRV8301 3-Phase Brushless Motor Pre-Driver with Dual Current Sense Amps and Buck Converter Free sample
DRV8301-HC-C2-KIT 3-Phase BLDC & PMSM Motor Kit with DRV8301 and Piccolo MCU Buy now
DRV8302 3-Phase Brushless Motor Pre-Driver with Dual Current Sense Amps and Buck Converter Free sample
DRV8302-HC-C2-KIT 3-Phase BLDC & PMSM Motor Kit with DRV8302 and Piccolo MCU Buy now
DRV8833 2 A Low Voltage Dual Brushed DC or Single Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver (PWM Ctrl) Free sample
DRV8833EVM DRV8833 Evaluation Module Buy now
DRV8830EVM 1 A Low Voltage Brushed DC Motor Driver with Voltage Regulation (I2C Ctrl) Buy now
DRV8832EVM 1 A Low Voltage Brushed DC Motor Driver with Voltage Regulation (IN1/IN2 Ctrl) Buy now


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