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The Analog Applications Journal is a digest of technical analog articles published quarterly by Texas Instruments. Written with design engineers, engineering managers, system designers and technicians in mind, these “how-to” articles offer a basic understanding of how TI analog products can be used to solve various design issues and requirements. Readers will find tutorial information as well as practical engineering designs and detailed mathematical solutions.


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Engineer It: Managing Envelope Tracking for 3G, 4G LTE
4G LTE signals generate higher transmit power, which reduces the efficiency of smartphone RF power amplifiers and creates extra heat. LM3290 and LM3291 RF Power converters, which support battery voltages down to 2.5 V, provide high efficiency at higher power output levels, while meeting stringent receive band noise requirements in all LTE bands.

Reference Design TIPD153 for 16-bit, 400KSPS, 4-channel multiplexed data acquisition system
To help significantly speed testing and performance validation of new applications, consider this TI Design (TIPD153). The TI Design is a test board for a single-channel industrial voltage and current output driver. The design details the process for optimizing the precision high voltage front end drive circuit using the OPA192 and OPA140 to achieve excellent dynamic performance with the ADS8864.