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Digital Power Supply Workshop (Europe)

Do you want to reduce your development time of digital power supplies or code digital controller?

Topic: Microcontrollers (Real-time Control) , Microcontrollers (Microcontrollers (MCU))     Duration: 3 days

Multi-Day Workshops Tue, 07 Oct 14 - Thu, 09 Oct 14

Control Theory Seminar

Introduction to control theory which will be valuable to electronic, electrical and mechanical engineers. 

Topic: Microcontrollers (Microcontrollers (MCU))     Duration: 2 day

Multi-Day Workshops Wed, 08 Oct 14 - Thu, 09 Oct 14

Keystone DSP + ARM Multicore Workshop

This workshop provides the knowledge needed to begin your application development on the KeyStone family of multicore SoC devices

Topic: ARM (KeyStone Multicore Processors) , DSP (KeyStone Multicore DSP + ARM)     Duration: 3

Multi-Day Workshops Tue, 14 Oct 14 - Thu, 16 Oct 14

Introduction to Linux One Day Workshop

This workshop was developed for engineers who would like an overview of the Linux operating system

Topic: ARM (AM335x Processors) , ARM (ARM-Based Processor Platforms)     Duration: 1

1-Day Workshops Tue, 21 Oct 14 - Thu, 23 Oct 14

Embedded Linux training from Adeneo Embedded / Windows Embedded Compact 2013/CE

Adeneo Embedded provides a deep-dive technical training session on building embedded solutions with Embedded Linux.

Topic: ARM (ARM-Based Processor Platforms) , ARM (AM335x Processors)     Duration: 4

Multi-Day Workshops Tue, 21 Oct 14 - Fri, 24 Oct 14

Introduction to the TI-RTOS Kernel 2 day Workshop

This workshop will cover ALL of the basics of using the TI-RTOS kernel (SYS/BIOS)

Topic: Microcontrollers (Low-power MCUs) , Microcontrollers (Real-time Control) , DSP (C6000 Multicore DSP) , Microcontrollers (Microcontrollers (MCU)) , DSP (Digital Signal Processors)     Duration: 2

Multi-Day Workshops Tue, 28 Oct 14 - Wed, 29 Oct 14
6  Results