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RoHS Compliant Solutions & Lead-Free (Pb-Free) Devices from Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments: RoHS Compliant Solutions and Lead-Free Devices

Position Statement - For further information regarding TI's commitment, please see this page.

RoHS Material Declaration Certificate - Signed TI compliance certificate addressing RoHS (EU 2002/95/EC through 2011/65/EU), the Joint Industry Guide (JIG-101) and EU Directive 2004/12/EC (Packing Materials).

Product Content & Schedule Search Tool - Find product content details and conversion dates for a list of parts.

Lead-Free (Pb-Free) FAQs - Contains answers to Lead-free (Pb-free) Frequently Asked Questions.

China RoHS and Chasing Arrow Information - Contains information on China RoHS requirements and how it affects TI IC finished products.

Chasing Arrows PCN 20070518001 Details - Chasing arrow symbol added to TI labels, effective July 21, 2007.

RoHS Compliancy - The Issue

Due to worldwide environmental concerns, the need for lead-free devices in electronic components and systems continues to receive significant attention within the semiconductor and electronics industries. Texas Instruments is committed to working with our customers to offer products which meet their specific needs in this area. Nickel/Palladium (Ni/Pd) finish, a lead-free alternative, was introduced to the IC market by TI in 1989. Currently, more than 30 billion TI lead-free Ni/Pd components are in the field. TI offers a variety of packages in this lead-free finish. With TI's existing infrastructure for the manufacture of Ni/Pd-finished components, we believe TI is in a leadership position within the industry in its ability to offer a wide range of lead-free products to our customers. TI is also offering lead-free (tin-silver-copper) ball options for BGA based products.

Impact of 260C Peak Reflow

Moisture sensitivity testing of IC packages built with traditional assembly materials indicates a negative impact to moisture performance with a peak reflow temperature of 260C. A drop of 2+ levels in moisture sensitivity has been indicated for several package types. The need to support higher reflow temperatures (>235 C) has driven the need to either dry-pack packages built with traditional material sets or implement Green mold compounds that help return the MSL ratings to their previous levels.

Additional lead-free related details: