TI Quality & Reliability

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Texas Instruments' Commitment to Quality

TI is committed to delivering high quality and reliable semiconductor solutions that meet our customers' needs. Our efforts go beyond component quality. We engage with our customers early and often to enable optimized system quality from product and process technology development through manufacturing and delivery.

Employee engagement, customer relationships, and continuous improvement of our processes, products and services form the foundation of our quality philosophy at TI. We strive to accomplish this through systems that enhance process robustness, factory controls and the implementation of methodologies such as 5S, 8D, problem solving programs, training and talent development.

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High Quality Standards.

TI's quality management incorporates processes and systems to enable product, support and manufacturing organizations to meet or exceed high quality standards and criteria based on internationally recognized standards. We have a long history of compliance with global quality regulations and maintain numerous quality certifications, including ISO, OHSAS, TS 16949 for automotive and others. We were the first major semiconductor company to achieve an enterprise registration under ISO 9001, and we have been awarded several prestigious quality awards from around the world: The Deming Prize in Japan, the Singapore Quality Award, The European Quality Award (EFQM), Ford TQE and the list goes on. In addition, TI is actively involved with the advancement of industry standards by working closely with various standards development committees and industry associations on regulatory and voluntary standards worldwide.

Partner and Supplier Quality

TI also holds its manufacturing and services partners and material suppliers to high quality standards, and technical and quality system audits are performed as part of supplier management process. In addition, key suppliers are evaluated on a semi-annual basis on their ability to provide TI with a sustained competitive advantage in areas such as cost, environmental responsibility, technology, responsiveness, assurance of supply and quality. TI works with its suppliers to identify and mitigate risk, drive continuous improvement, and set issue management standards, including defined requirements for root cause analysis, corrective action and preventative action in accordance with customer and industry requirements. Regular meetings with suppliers and global supplier conferences help to drive a quality mindset inside supplier organizations.

Reliability Data

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Policies & Procedures

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Product Content & Regulation Compliance

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